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This free resource was founded by our co-founder Joshua in 2013 and he has been the sole administrator ever since. It’s no secret why the group has been so successful - it serves to add organization and insight to the chaos that is paramedic hiring in Ontario. It is currently the pinnacle of hiring resources in the province and every job seeker should be subscribed.

What's Included

  • Hiring information from paramedic services, standby medical, transfer companies, volunteer opportunities and more
  • Instant notifications when new openings are posted
  • Testing insight - resources for lifting tests, F class, and A-EMCA
  • Lift test dates and appointment swap requests
  • Thousands of people to pose questions to, compare notes with, and learn from
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Virtual Private Tutoring

Prepare for testing with on-demand private tutoring!

  • Fully custom program based on your needs
  • Billed at an affordable hourly rate
  • Flexible content - work on patho, pharm, directives, scenarios as needed
  • “Flipped Classroom” method - review quality precourse material, then master the content during the session
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Your resume is your first impression - make it count! Our resume specialist Mentor is a paramedic with a writing degree who has edited dozens of resumes for paramedics and students. She can work with you to get your resume and cover letter looking professional and standing out.

Getting started

  • Schedule a FREE resume assessment below
  • Our Mentor will review your resume and give you feedback in a video conference
  • Paid editing is also available if you want a competitive edge - you'll get all the info after your assessment!


Based on our highly popular in-person MMI / Interview training - a private service, customizable to fit your needs and availability!

What's Included

  • Pre-course presentation: MMIs, panel interviews, CASPER basics & tips
  • 1.5hr private video conference session
  • Practice for MMIs or interviews with our specialist
  • Handout with more practice questions for later

NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, we are not running any in-person hiring prep services at this time. Please check back in Fall 2021.


The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is a crucial part of many paramedic hiring processes. It is usually used to dramatically reduce the applicant field prior to more labour intensive stages. Being prepared for MMIs and interviews have helped dozens of our clients be successful.

What's Included

  • Small group sessions
  • Presentation: MMIs, panel interviews, CASPER basics & tips
  • Mock MMI with feedback after questions
  • Handout with more practice questions for later
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We’ve adapted our most popular service to a virtual environment! Practice for in-person scenarios or new “tele-medicine” scenarios used by many base hospitals.

What's Included

  • Private video conference session with one of our Mentors
  • Choose between practicing for traditional in-person scenarios or base hospital “tele-medicine” style scenarios
  • Screen sharing available to simulate vital signs and cardiac monitor screens
  • Marked using electronic GRS


Scenario Practice is the most popular and sought after service that Para-Mentors offers, and for good reason! We offer practice at a level comparable to colleges, base hospitals, and paramedic services. Don’t be left behind after graduation - keep up-to-date and competitive!

What's Included

  • Small groups facilitated by 2 Mentors (working paramedic educators)
  • Full PCP & ACP equipment: symptom relief, stretchers, iSimulate Zoll & LIFEPAK cardiac monitors
  • Electronic GRS rated scenarios
  • Private debrief sessions after every scenario
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Para-Mentors Open Lab was designed to help paramedic students and graduates get more hands-on practice time with equipment. It can be very challenging to develop the practical skills needed to be successful in school and hiring - we're here to help!

Here's how it works: a group of learners can come in with one of our Mentors and use our facility and equipment, just like you would at college if you booked "lab" time. During this session, you can practice skills like med admin, assessments like RTS, or even run scenarios. Our Mentor will be there to help with equipment and give some feedback.

Equipment available:

  • iSimulate Cardiac Monitor (Zoll X-Series / LIFEPAK LP-15)
  • Symptom relief - practice medications, “sharps” supplies
  • Airway management - oxygen, BVMs, airway adjuncts
  • Trauma supplies - dressings, tourniquets, splints, sagar
  • Stretcher and scoop stretcher
  • Adult, pediatric, neonate mannequins
  • Skill sheets and reference material
  • An expert Mentor to guide you!

We can offer this at a lower price than our full "Scenario Practice" service, which involves running full-length, structured scenarios with 2 Mentors and private GRS feedback. If you're nearing the end of school or going through service scenario testing, Scenario Practice is the better service for you. Open Lab is meant as a replacement for school lab time to help develop skills and assessments without the stress of maximizing scenario time.

Don't wait until testing to hone your skills - train now and have an advantage at OSCE time!

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Lifting Preparation @ 911 Prep Academy

911 Prep Academy is a specialized training centre dedicated to helping paramedics pass lift testing

Para-Mentors endorses 911 Prep Academy because they check all the boxes:

–  Bryan Stevens, a retired CCP with 20+ years of clinical experience

–  Paul French, an expert personal trainer of 16 years

–  Full lifting equipment including weighted mannequin, stretcher, loading mockup, stair chair, and more


911 Prep Academy is located at Frontline Forward, a wellness centre created to support the overall physical and mental health of first responders. It’s the perfect setting to train for the start of your career.

Their services include:

–  Personal Training – in-person or virtual

–  Lift Test Preparation sessions


Visit their website at https://www.frontlineforward.com/911pa to book!


They’re more than happy to chat with you about your lifting for free!

Reach out at: